Inspired by the record-player, the cherry wood is cut into a spiral through the same motion as the needle following the groove on a record. This bowl has a fluorescent orange base.


The spiral cut creates an organic flexibile shape where the bowl rests onto the base. It was designed to be flat-packed not only for ease of transport, but to engage you in the process of creating it.


The base parts slot into each other, followed by the spiral resting into the concave shape. The outer ring of the bowl will be squeezed gently into the groves on the top of the 4 sides of the base to ensure that the spiral will not slide up.The product arrives in its specially designed packaging made of recycled cardboard.


A beautiful, engaging and original gift, which makes a statement in favour of simple and modern design. 

Spiral Bowl (Fluorescent Orange)

€28.00 Regular Price
€25.20Sale Price
  • Made of cherry wood, the product was oil-waxed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, and also to highlight its beautiful colour and the woodgrain. 

    For cleaning purposes please disassemble the bowl, lay the spiral top flat on the table and clean it with a damp cloth, then reassemble it. 

    size: bowl diameter approx. 140mm; base height 90mm 

    size 14cm round and 9cm high 

    Made of Cherry wood, and then oil-waxed for showing up the beautiful red colours of the wood, and for cleaning with a damp cloth.

    The base is made of a fluoresent orange perspex, giving that a retro look, and still brightens in a low light.


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