Lough Derg

Lough Derg


Lough Derg, historically Lough Dergart, is a freshwater lake in the Shannon River Basin, Ireland. It is the third-biggest on the island of Ireland. It is a long, narrow lake, with shores in counties Clare, Galway, and Tipperary. At its deepest, the lake is 36 metres deep and covers an area of 130 km² (50.2 sq miles). Close downstream from where Lough Derg empties into the Shannon are the falls of Doonass, the largest fall on the otherwise gently sloping river.

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    The wall art maps are made of layers of birch wood, every layer carefully outlined, engraved, lasercut and painted in different shades of blue, each highlighting the different dephts of the lakes.They are then assembled and beautifully framed in natural wood frames.

    Frame size 740 x 440 mm [ 29" x 17 1/2" ]

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    All maps are handmade, having a very natural look and finished to the highest quality. They would look amazing on any wall, or as a generous gift for any special occasion.

    All maps are directly available framed as seen, or can be personalised for a Wedding Gift, Retirement, Corporate,  etc. [see on our Commisions page]  If you want to add text or highlight locations please email us for info and pricing.

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