Commissioned Wooden Paving Oak

Commissioned Wooden Paving Oak

This was a commision for Bloom 2019—Ireland's Largest Gardening Festival in Dublin. Thin Line was commisioned to made the engraving on the pavings.


The paving slabs were engraved on Solid Oak, size 20x20cm and 10x10cm and 5cm high.


The drawings for the etchings are based on the Ginko Biloba tree, a tree know as a living fossil and for its resilience against pollution. 7 of them survived the Hiroshima bomb and are still growing today.


The garden won Gold and was created by Maeve O'Neill at Realise Landscape Architects and contractor Silverstreams Landscapes. It was called Grounded 'Growing Conversations in Mental Illness', it was sponsored by Janssen in association with Aware and See Change.

Maeve developed a series of workshops with people living with or affected by mental illness and their input was demonstrated in a series of oak etchings.

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